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Game Development Work

Bjørn Olav Kruithof
Game Programmer

My name is Olav Kruithof and welcome to my portfolio! I have spent many years working on games, mostly smaller games in smaller teams. As a programmer I have mainly worked on programming, but if the project requires it I have also done some limited art.

Witches Fishes

Witches Fishes is a simple fishing game with a twist, you have to summon all your bait as you accidentally forgot it at home!

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Super Size Meow

Super Size Meow is a short puzzle game about a human turned into a cat by an evil witch! In the game you grow, shrink and find your escape route to turn back to being a human!

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Mini Golf VR

Mini Golf VR is a short little mini golf game made for Virtual Reality. Relax a little while you have some fun and enjoy the little mini golf course!

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Exodus Burned

Exodus Burned is a VR Arcade game with full body tracking. You play with 3 other players and your goal is to beat all of the challenges so you and your team mate can escape the exploding space station!

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VR Player Controller for Godot

The VR Player Controller is a player controller that implements armswinger, teleportation, smooth locomotion and more features to make as a baseline to develop a room scale virtual experience in Godot.

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The Delivery

The Delivery is my submission to Ludum Dare 43. You control a space ship and you have to deliver a package to the end! But bad things keep on happening, god speed!

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Zombie Survival

Zombie Survival is my submission to Ludum Dare 44. The goal of this game is to survive and escape the island!

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Hex map

Hexmap is a random world generator using hexagonal tiles. The tile spawned is determined by randomness and the location of the tile.

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