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VR Player Controller for Godot

Short Description

The VR Player Controller is a player controller made for Godot. It includes three different movement methods to move around in, you can interact with objects and there is a menu system built for VR.


Smooth Locomotion
Snap Turn
Smooth Turn

Pickup objects
Use objects
Throw objects

Menu System:

What Did I do?

For this project I wrote all the code and set up the different movement methods and interaction systems. The systems and architecture was inspired by Godot XR Tools.

Play The Demo

To play the demo you require a virtual reality headset with VR controllers. You can download the steam VR version(compatible with all VR headsets), Oculus Rift version or the Oculus Quest version below.

Steam VR Download
Oculus Download
Oculus Download

Source Code

The project source code can be found here,
The add on to use in your own Godot project can be found here,