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Exodus Burned

Short Description

Exodus Burned is a VR experience using a mobile VR headset and a full body suit to provide body tracking. The game is played with 3 other actual players and optionally spectator players as well.

As a main player you play different challenges where you have to do various things involving the full body suit and moving, for example having to do a heist like scenario to get a holo cube.

The other option is as a spectator player, where you watch the main players and can help them out with the supporter mini-game.

What Did I Do?

VR Spectator

One of my tasks for Exodus Burned was to create and prototype a VR spectator mode. This is an in VR spectator view where you can watch the players with everything scaled down. Optionally as well you get to play a mini-game to help out the actual players in the game. You are not tied to any team as a spectator so you can help whomever you want.


One of the other tasks for this game was to develop and prototype mechanics for challenges as well as the challenges themselves.

Play The Game

You can learn more about Exodus Burned on the website here.