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Super Size Meow

My submission to Gameoff 2023 about a man that gets turned into a cat

Short Description

Super Size Meow is a simple puzzle game where you need to scale yourself or other objects to escape from the witch that turned you into a cat! This was my submission to Gameoff 2023 and I worked together with Alice Ursu, Stephan Tiggelman and Dagmar Dijk to create the game between the 24th of November to 26th of November 2023!


3 Levels!
Scale yourself to be bigger or smaller!
Scale other objects to complete puzzles!

What Did I do?

During this project I was a designer as well as Lead developer, the majority of code was created specifically for this project while working on it, with a couple of exceptions like the Music Manager, which was taken from an older project of mine, and the Unity starter content that was used.

Play The Demo

You can play the demo on windows here!


Move: WASD
Look around: Mouse
Use item: Left click
Throw item: Right click
Grab item: G