AMD Vega 3d mark scores have started rolling in!


So today users have finally started receiving AMD Vega Frontier Edition. As a consequence 3dmark scores have started appearing... and boy... where do I begin. Well if you were expecting Vega to be a 1080ti competitor, well sit down son, it isn't. Judging by the 3dmark scores it sits around overclocked 1070 to regular 1080 performance, which is not all that great to be honest. Now you might say "well the frontier edition is a workstation card". While true, the performance of workstation cards is generally around the same as their regular consumer/gamer variants, which luckily for us is good news. RX Vega is NOT priced at 1000$! What will it be priced at? I dont know, judging by gaming performance of Vega FE its going to be around 350-450$ would be my guess. Vega is sadly however not the home run many were hoping from AMD, and at a 300-375 watt TDP, things don't look too good for Vega. At least AMD is still rocking the world on the CPU front, lets hope Navi wont dissepoint.


edit: Im ashamed of my self, i forgot the source