AMD Launches Ryzen Pro(and a sneak peak on Ryzen 3)!

AMD is on a roll with their releases, some not so great as others as Yesterdays Vega. With that said however, AMD has officially launched their Ryzen Pro CPU line! So i won't be going too in depth since this is merely a blog, but it does include something interesting.

So what is this interesting thing? Its Ryzen 3, so while Ryzen 3 is slated for release in Q3 thanks to the pro release where they are launching Ryzen 3 Pro as well we can see that rumours of Ryzen 3 has some validity, it will in fact be a 4core/4thread CPU with a TDP of 65 watt and 8MB of l3 cache. Further information we cant 100% sure derive from this but clock speeds will probably be around the same as the pro variants(after all, cant be much higher due to silicon limits of Ryzen and the 14nm lpp process). With that said though, id also expect(like with ryzen 5 and 7) that there will be a SKU that will hit 4GHz on boost with Ryzen 3. None of the Ryzen Pro chips do this topping out at 3.7 GHz.