AMD Epyc

Welcome everyone, so I figured I wouldn't use my website for my portfolio, so here we are. Today I figured I would do just a little blog post about AMD Epyc. Won't be really well detailed, go to AnandTechs article for that. 

I'm pretty excited for AMD Epyc, although it would probably be out of my price range for a long time, its still exciting seeing AMD back into the data center for CPUs as well as HEDT with upcoming threadripper. AMD really went all out with epyc, 32 cores? Imagine how quick code would compile on that as well as video rendering! Granted, its not a monolithic die like Intels upcoming 28 core Xeon chips, but considering the size of that die (i believe somewhere around the 600mm), its gonna be expensive to produce compared to Epyc which is 4*200mm which if the software is NUMA aware and AMD also looks to have reduced the latency issue otherwise present, is a pretty good solution and is also cheaper than one monolithic die(cost doesnt scale linearly). So its pretty cool to see AMD come back and with their cheaper dies able to undercut intel.

I have a feeling 2017 is gonna be really exciting for CPUs, i'm waiting to see what threadripper will bring as well with its 16 cores, which is not as much as intels 18 cores but going by epyc prices, will be had for like 7-800 USD, which is pretty good ,thats less than 2x Ryzen 7 1800x. But we will see how that is later on in this summer, it for sure is cool.